BARFO-LEFTO letter to drum up more spinning lies

From the left – This Just In

Thought that you may like to see what the left is sending out now.

e-letter start:

Special opportunity: Be my guest for the convention

Friend —

Four years ago, Barack stood on a stage at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He accepted our party’s nomination, and then told our country what he intended to do as President. Let’s think for a second about what’s happened since then.

Our businesses have added 4.5 million jobs in the last 29 months. The typical middle-class family has saved $3,600 in tax cuts over his first term. We passed historic health care reform. The war in Iraq has ended. It’s now easier for women to fight for equal pay for equal work. And gay and lesbian service members can no longer be denied a place in our nation’s military because of who they are or who they love.

But we’ve got to finish what we started. Soon we’re gathering for our
convention in Charlotte — and Barack and I would like to meet a few of you there.

Pitch in $5 or whatever you can to help build this campaign in these last 82 days — and you’ll be automatically entered to be our personal guest in Charlotte.

This is a pretty amazing opportunity. The campaign will fly you and a guest to Charlotte and cover your hotel for the three nights you’re there. And each night, you’ll get some of the best seats in the house to watch the big speeches.

You’ll meet Barack, and during his speech on Thursday night, I’d like you to sit with me. This is going to be an amazing event for our campaign. There is truly only one like it.

So enter for your chance to join us now — and I hope we’ll see you in
Charlotte in a few weeks.

Are you as fired up as I am?



Barfo ramma – let’s get rid of them ON NOV 6 2012!!!

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