Even MSNBC Hack Andrea Mitchell Has Had Enough Of Obama Ditching The Press

Andrea Mitchell – MSNBC Hack Has Enough of Obama Ditching the Press – So who would’ve guessed SHE would be angry?

This President is constantly mocking American values, denying the very things he has said on many occasions. He treats all small businesses like they are helpless without the all-mighty governments help & hand-outs.

Reality check – Mr. President, OUR government wouldn’t EXIST without SMALL BUSINESS & Capitalism in the first place!

The so-called ‘made for TV’ interviews Obama conducts are a joke! They are far beneath the dignity of the Presidency. He continuously whitewashes & glosses over everything with a smooth-cool-hand Luke attitude, pretending he is "Mr. Innocent" of all charges. Meanwhile, anyone who stands up for regular American values, gets mocked for being a "hate" monger or a racist, such as the latest example of the Chick-Fil-A C.E.O., Mr. Cathy, speaking of marriage (in his view) being between a man & woman.

News flash Mr. President, since when is it a crime in America to speak out for truth, justice & the American way? While people are literally sweating what catastrophe will hit us next, Obama covers the backside of Attorney General Eric Holder, Head of the Department of Justice, when he has NO RIGHT to interfere in the process or investigation.

Obama makes congress the laughing stock, instead of putting his big boy pants on and confront the truth in our nation. Meanwhile, this President goes around in dark of night, slithering around, making anything he says & does the LAW of the land. This man has passed more than 500 executive orders since 2009 that work AGAINST crucial businesses. He has heavy-handed the affairs of the EPA by appointing his favorite old boy czars of this, that & the other thing. It just makes me sick to think of what Obama will do if he is re-elected for 4 more years!

Congress has become "irrelevant" to fight against Obama, or bring issues up for a vote. Not to mention, cutting & gutting military spending by 40% for 2013. And shall I even mention what he has done to the healthcare industry? It is a complete joke – it was crammed down the throats of the American people – as Nancy Pelosi infamously said "uh, uh, you have to pass the bill, before you can see what’s in it" – How pathetic. Really Nancy?

Obama has NEVER been asked the tough questions by anyone in TV land-lame-stream media. Ironically, it has been 5 months since his last press conference. The press are actually supposed to represent his administration and yet he will not give them the time of day now. How ridiculous is that? After all of this, these jokers still REFUSE to do their damn jobs & get tough with this man.

Obama is a true embarrassment to American ingenuity & values. And now, because of the tough spot this President has created for us all, the ONLY option I can see is that we MUST DEFEAT Obama, his unethical democratic party & start from square one.

I believe we have a chance. We CAN do this if we get out the vote for Romney / Ryan 2012.

Let’s turn to the RIGHT, right now.


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