Whistle-Blower Moncrief, Exposed ACORN Fraud to Elect Obama in 2008

FORMER ACORN Worker-Turned Whistle-Blower, Exposed Fraud to get Obama Elected in ’08

If you really want to know the inner-workings behind Democrat-supported ACORN and just how unbelievably corrupt they are and continue to be – Please watch & share parts l & ll – MUST SEE BOTH videos!

Anita Moncreif is a very competent black lawyer, sharing her incredible observations 1st hand. You will learn just how deep-seated the corruption has been and what we must do about it. The Romney / Ryan campaign MUST FIGHT back hard against ACORN, the ultimate betrayer of AMERICA, who has used & will continue to use Chicago-style corruption & thug tactics to win elections!



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