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Paul Ryan Is A Man of His Word: He Delivered My Letter

  • Posted by Twana Blevins From Conservative Tools on Aug 17, 2012
  • Back in May, my husband and I attended a fundraiser for Congressman Judy Biggert here in Illinois. We support Mrs Biggert and we were happy to attend . However, I also was on a mission of my own. My hope was to pass the letter below to Rep Ryan and ask that he hand deliver my letter to Governor Ryan. I was successful in my mission that day. Rep Ryan was most receptive to my concerns and placed my letter in his pocket. Little did I know at the time (but hoped and suspected) that I was handing my letter to the future Vice Presidential pick for the Republican ticket! I am happy to report Congressman Ryan delivered my letter, as he promised he would. Just yesterday, I received a reply from Mitt Romney. He indicates he will keep my sentiments in mind as he moves forward. That is all I asked. So folks, if you get near Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, please express your concern regarding the dangerous war policies of this administration. We are losing so many Heroes daily. Obama and his MSM have managed to fundamentally change the discussion and mention of the sacrifices our brave men and women are making on the battlefield. It is my hope Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan make it clear that this nation will Never Forget Our Fallen Heroes. My letter is below. Please write your own or pass this one but please keep this going. Since the writing of this letter, I am happy to report Sgt Taylor has been cleared of all charges. Thanks to the outrage, I’m sure, of all of you! Thank you for fighting for our Troops as they fight for you!

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Romney,

It is my belief that you will be the next President and First Lady of these great United States! I hope this is the case as I do not believe our country nor her brave defenders can endure another four years under this administration. I write this letter to be certain you are aware of the grave difficulties our military and their families are enduring under the war policies of the Obama administration.

As the daughter of a WWII Navy Veteran, the sister of a Marine, Vietnam, and the mother of a Son who served 4 deployments with the 82nd Airborne, Bronze Star recipient in this WAR ON TERROR, I write to you with much anger, disappointment and a very heavy heart. We currently have Soldiers incarcerated at Leavenworth for serving their country and protecting their Brothers. Meanwhile, terrorists captured on the battlefield are released to their families by our military simply on a "Pledge" promising they won’t return to the battlefield. I refer you to the article, dated May 23rd, 2010 in the New York Times entitled "US Tries to Reintegrate Taliban Soldiers."

So the terrorists go home while our Soldiers continue to sit in Leavenworth and our mothers, American mothers, cry themselves to sleep at night while Iraq and Afghan mothers rejoice! What is even worse is that the entire trial for the terrorist takes 30 minutes while our Soldiers and their families accrue enormous legal fees and travel expenses trying to defend their Hero! This is an outrage! Our Brave Warriors in Leavenworth should be given the same Pledge and released to their families!! What is good enough for the terrorists should certainly be good enough for American Sons! This double standard and cruel injustice needs to stop!

But the practice continues and when questioned in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee just last year , Admiral McRaven testified that we continue to release terrorists:

Time and time again we see what happens as the result of the reckless catch and release policy. Just recently Col West sent a letter to President Obama regarding the release of a most dangerous terrorist, Daqduq, who killed 5 of our Soldiers and tortured 4 of them before he murdered them:

The case of lst Lt Michael Behenna is just one tragic example of the fallout of the dangerous catch and release policy:

First Lt Michael Behenna is currently serving a 15 year sentence for killing a known Al Qaeda terrorist, Ali Mansur. Last week, we received word from the CAAF court that Michael’s conviction was upheld and he will now serve 15 years in Leavenworth. This is his last appeal. Ali Mansur was suspected of planting the roadside bombs that killed two of Mike’s men and when picked up and interrogated, Mansur was referred to Bucca for further interrogation. However, someone in the chain of command ordered Mansur released and unbelievably, Mike was ordered to take him home. Michael caught the terrorist, brought him in for questioning, and then he was ordered to release him! Although Ali Mansur wore an Iraqi police uniform, Mike had gathered intelligence that Ali was planting IEDs along the routes our forces took. In the end, Mansur never made it home and I will always believe Michael held the welfare and safety of his men in his heart that fateful day.

Recently, a Purple heart recipient was charged for his actions on the battlefield. We currently wait to hear whether Sgt Walter Taylor will be the next Soldier heading to Leavenworth. Sgt Taylor’s attorney, James Culp, described a morbid and life threatening reality that is occurring among our brave Warriors on the battlefield: "forced hesitation through intimidation." This administration’s prosecution of brave Soldiers for their actions on the battlefield is intimidating and the end result is their hesitation to defend themselves and their brothers for fear of prosecution and incarceration!!! This is no way to treat our noble defenders and this is no way to win a war! I leave you with a quote from Marcus Luttrell, the Brave and Noble Lone Survivor of Seal Team 10, Operation RedWing, who lost his beloved Brothers because they all feared murder charges and convictions from the liberal left in the country who they died fighting to keep safe:

"Look at me, right now in my story. Helpless, tortured, shot, blown up, my best buddies all dead, and all because we were afraid of the liberals back home, afraid to do what was necessary to save our own lives. Afraid of American civilian lawyers. I have only one piece of advice for what it’s worth: if you don’t want to get into a war where things go wrong, where the wrong people sometimes get killed, where innocent people sometimes have to die, then stay the hell out of it in the first place."

I believe that most Americans would be shocked to know that this administration has released terrorists ever since they took office and yet they prosecute our Soldiers and send them to prison for doing their job. I ask you please, Mr. Romney, to call upon the Obama administration to stop releasing terrorists immediately. Further, when you take office, I ask that you please review and reverse the policies of this war so that our Soldiers can actually fight, defend themselves and their brothers, and win this war, once and for all! Lastly and most important, please do not forget our brave Soldiers in Leavenworth. When you take office I implore you to take each Leavenworth case under review and grant pardons to those who are deserving of one. Michael Behenna is certainly deserving of a pardon.

Beverly Perlson, The Band of Mothers

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