We CAN Handle The TRUTH, Mr. Obama – Show Us ALL Your Records

YES! What a great trade it would be…Romney releases HIS tax returns AFTER We The People Get Obama’s RECORDS…You know, the "little" details that make a difference, such as HIS associations, HIS transcripts, HIS dealings with extremists, who want nothing more than to infiltrate & steal OUR military secrets. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but one can dream, can’t one…of an AMERICA without another 4 years of this disaster of a President.

AND, Mr P…if you are reading this blog today, I dare say 90% of us hard working Americans are really worried about the state our country is in…and it is NOT because we are extremist individuals, or racists, or "birthers". No, Mr. P, you are wrong about us. WE are EVERYDAY GOD fearing, tax paying, family loving, business-building AMERICANS.

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