Land of the NOT so Free – Devastating Consequences to US ALL

Steven Ratner – A Liberal writer – even confirms that there will be DEATH PANELS in Obama-Health Scare Law in New York Times

If you want to make choices for you and your health Care options and not the
government, PLEASE Vote AGAINST OBAMA. We certainly won’t get everything we want right now, but in my humble opinion, Romney & Paul Ryan are SERIOUS about turning the ship around!

These 2 have more than enough years of creating jobs & financial experience, compassion, and in spite of the lies of the lame liberal news media, these 2 WILL work with everyone to REPEAL this devastating law, among other things.

Some quick history – OBAMA’S ECONOMY Jan 2009 ’til NOW
Gas prices in ’08: $1.78 a gal avg under Bush – Now averaging $4.00 a gallon under Obama. Household income is down $4,000, our healthcare premiums have risen upwards of $2500 per person, home values have kept a downward trend, the country has over 16 trillion deficit and climbing, gross domestic product is down from 1.7 to 1.3, and Obama wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire for EVERYONE, even though he says that he won’t, and to just give him ‘more time’ to transform our great country. (What the bleep?)

Our Military men & women are losing their lives overseas because the GREEN blooded radical Muslims who we trained on their soil are turning around & stabbing OUR fighters in the backs! The world is on fire almost everywhere you look, and you don’t have to look very far, because there is unrest in our own backyards.

The Tea Party & Conservative candidates in ALL national level races (and those currently serving) are being demonized by the left like never before, and no one bothers to call them out on their lies & spin! (except for other conservatives)

I guarantee you there will be crushing taxes come January 2013, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. We are already seeing GROCERY PRICES go through the roof because everything trickles down to us.

We have a lame-news media (MSNBC, CNN, ABC) who deny & LIE through their damn teeth every single day! Their agenda is CRYSTAL clear. We MUST keep waking up our friends & family to these fakes.

Does all of this (above) sound like something you want to all put up with? Hell NO! Had enough yet? YES.

SOLUTION – Please VOTE Romney / Ryan Nov 6, 2012 to HELP begin once more, to SAVE OUR precious land of the FREE & HOME of the BRAVE! Tell ALL your friends, NEIGHBORS, family, and colleagues!! This crap must NOT be allowed to happen any longer.

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